For the teachers and students of the MBA and MCA courses, Hindustan Institute of Management and Computer Studies have hosted a motivational talk on “Organ Donation”. Mr. Lal Goel, Chairman, Organ Donation India Foundation and GYAN, served as the motivational speakerDr. Naveen Gupta- Director of the institute welcomed him and mentioned his incredible contribution for the society.

Mr. Lal mentioned that organ donation is very helpful for the grieving process. Furthermore, many donor families take relief and consolation due to organ donation. This is because they understand that their loved one has helped save the life of other people. Most noteworthy, a single donor can save up to eight lives. Organ donation can also improve the quality of life of many people. An eye transplant could mean the ability to see again for a blind person. Similarly, donating organs could mean removing the depression and pain of others. Most noteworthy, organ donation could also remove the dependency on costly routine treatments. He said that organ donation is significantly beneficial for medical science research. Donated organs offer an excellent tool for conducting scientific researches and experiments. Furthermore, many medical students can greatly benefit from these organs. Most noteworthy, beneficial medical discoveries could result due to organ donation. Organ donation would also contribute to the field of Biotechnology.

At last Dr. Naveen Gupta said that organ donation is a noble deed. Furthermore, it shows the contribution of an individual even after death. Most noteworthy, organ donation can save plenty of lives. Extensive awareness regarding organ donation must certainly be spread among the people.

Mr. Kapil Choudhary, Dy. Registrar of the institute was the coordinator of the talk. Among the professors present were Dr. Abhilasha Singh Raghav (MBA-HoD), Dr. Riju A. Singh, Dr. Shantanu Kumar Sahu, Dr. Gunjan Bhatnagar, Dr. Sheetal Sachdeva, Mr. Prashant Sharma and Mr. Sachin Jindal. MBA First semester student Athulya Nair did the anchoring of this motivational talk.