Corporate Social Responsibility – Anand Engineering College
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR initiatives of SHARDA GROUP is all about the deep concern & commitment of SHARDA to behave as good corporate citizens ethically and to contribute towards the economic, social and environmental development of the areas in our surroundings.


• Local community and society around SHARDA are in focus.

• To carry out R & D projects for rural development etc.

• To develop and implement business processes first for the group (Non-Profit Organization) and then help other NPOs to create similar processes to carry out their work effectively.

• To achieve 50 direct and more than 100 indirect points of CSR in AKTU’s Academic Excellence Model.

• Establishing SHARDA as a unique brand which stands for all round development of students including the strong sense of ethics and concern for society at large.


• Educating village students by organizing regular study camps conducted by our students.

• Health awareness and free health check-up camps.

• Free medication, consultation and low cost surgery at Sharda Hospital.

• Employment training and counseling of village youth in Agra and Mathura region, without financial fee charges through its NGO’s “Sambhavana” and college staff in spare time.

• Tree plantation & “Swachh Bharat Campaigns” currently in operation.

• Establishment of potable drinking water plants in Farah and other villages.

A. Student Connect Program (SCP)
  1. Career counseling, mentoring & guidance to students of Class  XI & XII of Agra, Mathura and surrounding region schools. (for more details visit
  2. To provide a common platform for the school principal and faculty to meet and training on psychological career counseling of students.
  3. Open Day : Live Counseling and campus tour in Sharda campuses.
  4. Virtual Platform for students where they can test their intelligence, social and psychological needs, skills and technical know how.
  5. Awarding and recognizing meritorious school teachers .
B. Clean drinking water ‘RO’ for villages in Agra & Mathura and sponsorship for installation of cheap water treatment plants.   C. Vocational training programs for the village youth (specially girls and women) of Mathura, Agra  and surrounding regions to make them economically independent and empowered.

# Dindayal Dham Initiative :

  1. To develop villages under SHARDA commitment for this cause.
  2. Providing low cost solutions to villages regarding  social, economical and environmental problems.

# SHARDA’S R&D initiatives for Rural Development-Around 15 projects, to name a few :

  1. Creation of Solar cell using cheap energy sources such as Industrial dyes etc.
  2. Design and development of Polymer filled Concrete.
  3. PCR based detection of Mastitis pathogens directly from milk samples.
  4. Process parameter optimization for the alcoholic fermentation of potato.
  5. Blood bank Information system.

# Two environment clubs Pehal and Prakriti in operation :

  1. Organizing environmental and social awareness through informal initiatives, Pad-Yatras, Nukkad Nataks.
  2. Organizing GREEN-OLYMPIAD and Tree Plantation drives.
  3. Water Harvesting, Waste Management etc.

# Mitra Microfinance :

  1. Group and individual level economic development.
  2. Educating the poor community, club members and students about microfinance and its benefits.
  3. Implementation of microfinance initiatives and future possibilities in the field.

# Education Beyond Boundary (EBB) :

  1. To teach students from underprivileged areas.
  2. Free career counseling, scholarships etc.


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