Sharda Group’s prestigious college Hindustan College of Science and technology ties up with Kathmandu University, Nepal, for Green Hydrogen with V-R39 to boost research Signed the Memorandum of Understanding (LoA) and Memorandum of Understanding (LOA) for giving This Through Sam-Hajayaute, we will achieve the objectives of ‘National-Victory Hydrogen Mission-Russian Policy’. can. Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University, Nepal at the time of signing Pro. Bhola Thapa, Dean School of Engineering, Dr. Mani-Unawajaya Pokharel, Associate Dean School of Engineering Dr. Brijesh Adhikari, Team Leader Green Hydrogen Prof. Biraj Thapa and Director of Hindustan College Dr. Rajeev Kumar Upadhyay, Head of the Institute Industry Interface Dr. T. Senthil-Irushyava Subramaniam etc. were prominently present. Sharda Group of Institutes Chairman Mr. P.K. Gupta, Vice Chairman Shri Y.K.Gupta and Executive Vice President Prof. V.K. Sharma Congratulations to the director of the institute for this initiative and success and gave best wishes. Head of the Institute’s Institute Industry Interface, Dr. Tea. Senthil-Irushava Subramaniam told that he has a hydrogen fueled e-highbike. Industrial Design Patent by the Patent Authority of India, Government of India for provided and registered.

He told that our country’s two wheeler market will be 15.2 in 2021. million units have been reached. Given that, it would be expected that while continuing the commercial rate of 18.6 percent during the 2022-high 2027, The market will reach 42.2 million two wheeler units by 2027. also in nepal About 78% vehicles are two wheelers. Most of the vehicles are old Given that the number of newly registered two wheelers is around 2 lakhs. With the growth of deshya, with the expectation of increase in per capita income, The motorcycle market is expected to grow rapidly. He pointed out that climate change and  permissible carbon emissions targets Hindustan College, India and Kathmandu University, Testing facilities for hydrogen fueled e-bike bike in Nepal Will work collaboratively to develop Usually for e-enhancing bikes Hydrogen fuels more than used lithium batteries is enabled.  Designed hybrid metal hydride (usually metals such as palladium, yttrium) integrate hydrogen batteries, which Solar energy will be used to extract hydrogen from in this technology Using the energy emitted from photovoltaics, it can be found in water. A method of electrolysis to separate oxygen and hydrogen employs the process. The hydrogen produced in this process is converted into In the patented metal hydride, (room in palladium) Hydrogen in large quantities at a temperature and atmospheric pressure which converts it into battery power. Directed by Hindustan College director Dr. Rajeev Kumar Upadhyay said that Hindustan College and Kathmandu University under Sam-Hajaute To do research work in the field of Green Hydrogen to students

Quality will be equally benefited. He said that our The institute is in the forefront of continuous quality education and research. Institute has been. He said that with this Equity and LOA, India and To accelerate research on green hydrogen in Nepal, students and Teachers get the facility of Research Exchange Program for doing research work. It can happen He explained that the design allows this battery to be part of a modular frame. as integrated. Due to this, the harmful gases emitted by the vehicles Environment can be saved. Small businesses can easily adopt this technology made easy to use. With this technology, homes and commercial Prati-Junjaythans will get clean energy.