The students of Mechanical Engineering of Hindustan College made the project. Four students of the final year of the Mechanical Department of Hindustan College of Science and Technology Munesh Sharma, Shiv Kumar, Harsh Pratap Sengar and Prateek Tiwari made the project under the guidance of Mr. Mahesh Dhakad, Assistant Professor of the department. In the guidance, they made the method of generating electricity using solid waste and impul turbines.

On this occasion, the Vice Chairman, Sharda Group, Shri Y.K. Gupta ,Executive Vice President, Sharda Group Prof. V.K. Sharma, Director of the Institute, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Upadhyay extended his best wishes to the four students and their mentor Mr. Mahesh Dhakad.

On this occasion, Assistant Professor of the department, Mr. Mahesh Dhakad told that as we know all the natural resources like coal, gas, all these will be exhausted one day, due to which there may be a decrease in electricity production in future. With the help of this project, we will be able to do so in the future. The power shortage coming in can be reduced to a great extent.

He told that this project was built at a low cost. He said that the energy crisis and environmental degradation are currently two important issues for global development. Rapid industrial and population explosion in India has led to the migration of people from villages to cities, which generate thousands of tons of municipal concrete every day. Improper management of municipal solid waste poses danger to the people. Electricity is decreasing day by day, it is very important to find out such alternative sources, which can be used for electricity especially for developing countries like India. The world is running out of non-renewable energy resources. The current method of power generation is using fossil fuels which are limited in nature. Our aim through this is to use municipal waste as fuel which is renewable in nature. Electricity is produced by the steam principle by burning municipal solid waste that can be used for domestic purposes?

On this occasion, the Head of the Department, Dr. Puneet Mangla while congratulating the four students and their mentor Mr. Mahesh Dhakad said that the problem of municipal solid waste disposal has been solved by recovering energy from  waste materials with the benefits of environmental quality. Municipal solid waste is used as fuel for the production of electricity. Municipal solid waste should be considered as an alternative source of energy and every municipality should use this technology to protect the ozone layer to reduce pollution, conserve coal and reduce the production of greenhouse gases. By using municipal solid waste as fuel, pollution will be reduced and we will get electricity which can be used in villages and cities.