The National Anveshika Network of India (NANI), a unit of the Indian Association of Physics Teachers, in association with Shiksha Sopan, inaugurated the 3-day national Anveshika meet at Anand Engineering College, Agra. This esteemed event was graced by the eminent presence of Prof. H C Verma, who played a crucial role in its inception.

The Anveshika meet aims to bring together 35 distinguished professors, innovators, and scientists from various parts of India. This gathering of brilliant minds promises to create a platform for the exchange of knowledge and the exploration of ground-breaking ideas in the field of physics.Over the next three days, participants will engage in panel discussions, paper presentations, and collaborative workshops, fostering an environment of innovation and scientific exploration. The Anveshika meet serves as a platform for these distinguished individuals to share their expertise, exchange ideas, and inspire the next generation of physicists.

The inaugural ceremony was honored by the esteemed presence of Prof. P. K. Ahluwalia, President of IAPT,Dr. Shailendra Singh, Director of Anand Engineering College, Agra. Dr. R. K. Awasthi, Coordinator of Raman Anveshika, and Shri Manish Gupta, Deputy Registrar of Anand Engineering College, also graced the occasion with their presence.

The event commenced with a warm welcome address byProf. Mohd. Arif, Associate Dean of Student Welfare at Anand Engineering College, who extended a heartfelt welcome to all the participants and emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in advancing the field of physics.

The keynote speech was delivered by Prof. H C Verma, who expressed his delight at witnessing such an esteemed gathering of intellectual minds. He emphasized the importance of pushing the boundaries of scientific research and encouraged participants to engage in thought-provoking discussions during the meet.

Prof. P K Ahluwalia, President of IAPT, joined virtually to address the gathering and share his valuable insights.

The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Manish Baboo Agarwal, expressing gratitude to all the attendees, and organizers for their valuable contributions towards making the Anveshika meet a resounding success.

Dr. Manish Baboo Agarwal and Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh were the coordinators of the aforementioned event.

Vice Chairman of Sharda group of Institutions, Shri Y K Gupta and Executive Vice President of the Group Shri V K Sharma, extended their heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, organizers, and Anveshika coordinators for making this Anveshika meet a momentous occasion. They said that “with the collective efforts of these brilliant minds, we anticipate ground-breaking advancements in the field of physics that will shape the future of scientific research in India and beyond.”