Hindustan College organized Guest Lecture on ‘New Sources of Energy Production and its Importance’


Mechanical Engineering Department of Hindustan College of Science & Technology, conducted special guest lecture on ‘New Sources of Energy Production and its Importance’ for the students and faculty members of the college. The guest lecture was delivered by Shri Bharat Bhushan, former Project Officer of (NEDA). EVP of SGI Prof. V.K. Sharma welcomed Mr. Bhushan by presenting a bouquet.

Mr. Bhushan shared new technologies and methods of producing energy by new sources. He discussed the production and expenditure on energy by non-traditional sources of energy like, Bio-gas, Bio-mass, and Solar energy. He told that bio-gas (Methane) is being produced by cow dung. This gas is used for domestic works and electricity production. The size of bio-gas equipment starts from 2 sq. Meter to 150 sq. Meter. In this system, it is important that the dom and digester should be made carefully otherwise we face gas leakage. He told that Syntax company is providing a substitute of Dom and digester, which is durable and no chances of leakage is there. In this system agricultural waste, paddy of rice, dry leaves and the like are used to produce Methane gas. Further he told that solar energy is divided into two parts: heat and photo voltaic. Photo voltaic happens due to reconstruction of electron. We can produce electricity directly through photo voltaic activity but through heat, production of electricity is not possible directly. Similarly electricity is being produced by wind energy at coastal areas of India. He told that saving a unit of electricity is equivalent to production of two units of electricity. He advised to save electricity and produce it through new sources of energy. Now Government of India is providing funds and technology for promoting, developing and installation of energy producing plants through new resources. Some of the states of India like Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh are using this technology on a large scale. He appreciated the management of Hindustan College for installation of solar panels to produce electricity.

Mr. Puneet Mangla, HOD of Mechanical Engineering Department presented memento as a token of gratitude to Mr. Bharat Bhushan after his valuable talk. All the faculty members and participants were present on this occasion.

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