The foundation stone of the Sarva Dharma Mandir in the Anand Engineering College campus was laid by eminent Jain monk Param Pujya Gachhadhipati Shrut Bhaskar Acharya Shrimad Dharma Dhurinder Suri ji. Addressing the students, he said that the one who is present in the midst of happiness and sorrow. He is a sramana, living in a state of pure consciousness that never grieves like a river breaking its banks in the end to merge with the ocean. In the same way, a man also has to sacrifice material things like attachment, profit, money etc. to attain the Supreme.

The Vice Chairman of the organization Mr. YK Gupta mentioned about respecting all religions equally and the work done by the organization.

The registrar of the organization Mr. Dharm Singh thanked everyone.

On this occasion, Chairman of the organization Mr. PK Gupta, Mr. YK Gupta, Mrs. Seema Gupta, Mrs. Bhavana Gupta, Mr. Prashant Gupta, Prof. VK Sharma, Dr. Rajeev Upadhyay, Mr. Manish Gupta, Mr. Shashikant Jain and others were present.