Dr. A.P.J. By Abdul Kalam Technical University, LucknowIn the announced first year EVEN examination results of Sharda Group of institution prestigious college Hindustan College of Science and Technology, 6 Students got more than 90% marksFirst year coordinator Dr. Suruchi lists the superiority of the students of the institute. According to informing the parents of all the students congratulated them. According to Dr. Suruchi, Computer Science Engineering student Shivang Bhardwaj scored 94.66% marks.

Found the top position among students of branches. At the same time, students of Computer Science Engineering Yatin Aggarwal scored 93.9% , Naman Tiwari 92.9%, Srivastava 92.5% and Pallavi Sharma 90.74%, Surendra Singh 90.00%Points scored. He said that 36 percent of the institute’s 80 percentMade the institute proud by scoring more than Rs.

On this achievement of the institute, Vice Chairman of Sharda Group, Mr. Y.K. Gupta, Executive Vice President Prof. Vk Sharma and Executive Director Prof. D.G Rai Chaudhary has given all the meritorious students / teachers congratulations for the commendable education.

Director of the institute Dr. Rajiv Kumar Upadhyay congratulating the students for continuing on the same path in futureInspired and best wishes and also behind this good resultHe also praised the teachers and parents who helped.