5 days Faculty Development Program was organized by the Computer Science and Engineering Department of Hindustan College of Science and Technology. On the fourth day of the program, Dr. Ramesh Bathula’s from Malaviya Institute of Technology, Jaipur presented his lecture on Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things.

At the beginning of the program, the director of the institute, Dr. Rajeev Kumar Upadhyay presented a bouquet to Dr. Ramesh Bathulathe, keynote speaker of the program. He said that the knowledge of IOT is very important especially for the students and teachers of the Computer Science department. 

Dr.  Ramesh Bachula thanked Hindustan College for providing this opportunity. In his lecture, he explained in detail about 5G and Beyond, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. He also mentioned data security. He said that we do not have to click on any kind of weblink whose information is not known, by doing this there is a possibility of your valuable data being stolen. He said that you should login your valuable account like a bank account on your own personal computer, not anyone else’s.  He said that nowadays hackers are stealing even bandwidth. Because of this, the traders are getting trouble. For example, due to theft of Amazon’s bandwidth, the customer has to open the Amazon site. If there is a problem, he will go to flipkart, which will cause a huge loss to Amazon and Flipkart will take advantage. He also told about denial of services hackers can also benefit you for up to $ 20 in 1 hour. He said that crypto miners are also stealing data with the help of web passwords etc.

They are called silent bankers. He also told about ransomware virus that how this virus is stealing your online account. In this, the virus is spread using the SMB port. In whichever computer you login, your details are saved in that computer. He said that you can extract those files whenever you need them. He talked about blockchain and about the future of Blockchain. Many new development works are taking place in this technology. He pointed out that without relying on different databases it is impossible to hack the different ledgers connected between single users.