A webinar was  organized by Hindustan College of Science and Technology, prestigious Institute of Sharda Group the Principals and teachers of Agra, Mathura, Firozabad and Mainpuri region were honored  with ‘Shri Anand Swaroop Gupta Memorial Award’ for their  excellent teaching. The Chief Guest of the program was The Chief Guest of the program was Dr. Mukesh Agarwal, Joint Director of Education.Shri Anand Swarup Gupta Memorial Award, a pioneer in the field of education was started after the death of Shri Anand Swarup Gupta ji by his sons Shri P.K.  Gupta, Chairman, SGI and Chancellor Sharda University, Greater Noida and Shri Y.K.  Gupta, Vice Chairman, SGI.Shri Anand Swarup Gupta Memorial Award has been given by Sharda Group of Institutions to the teachers for their outstanding contribution in the education sector at the school level. The program was held for the first time in 2015.  Since then, this program is being held continuously every year.

The director of the institute, Dr.  Rajiv Kumar Upadhyay welcomed the chief guest at the function and threw light on the glorious history of the institute, stating that this institute is the first self-funded institution in North India.  He welcomed all the teachers from other colleges and said that the pride of a country is its strong education system. In which teachers have been the most important contributor to strengthen arms education, trade etc. without teachers, we cannot even imagine becoming an IAS engineer, doctor, scientist etc.  The teacher has a different place in the society which is viewed with great respect. The teacher helps in building the character not only of the student but also of the society.

Dr.  Mukesh Aggarwal said that good work does not need recognitionHe congratulated Sharda Group for organizing this event.  He inspired all the participants to strive relentlessly.  He said that we should complete the work assigned to us with honesty. He congratulated the teachers for continuing the education of children even in this epidemic through online education. He told the teachers that you will have to contribute a lot in implementing the new education system. Dr.  Pramod Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor of Physics Department, said that among the teachers who were honored in the program were from Agra, Mathura, Firozabad and Mainpuri.



The awarded teachers were by Shri Anand Swaroop Memorial Award Dr.  AK, Nigam (Simking School, Agra), Dr.  Shalini Bansal (Gopichand Sihor Sanatan Dharma Girls Inter College, Agra), Mrs. Kumad Grober (Ram Swaroop Singhal Girls Inter College, Agra), Dr.  Raghavendra Singh (Swamibagh Higher Secondary School, Agra),Dr.  Somdev Saraswat (Sri Ramakrishna Inter College, Agra), Mrs. Vandana Tiwari (Janata Inter College, Nauzhil, Mayura), Mr. Arvind Sharma (Bajna Inter College, Bajna, Mayura), Mr. Amit Kumar (Kamla Nehru Chand Kumari Jain Inter College, Firozabad), Dr.  Rajendra Pal Singh (Rana Pratap Sisodhia Inter College, Tundla, Firozabad), Mrs. Anjuma Riaz (Daudayal Girls Inter College, Firozabad), Dr.  Anil Kumar Dwivedi (REI, Dayalbagh, Agra), Shri Rajeev Gupta (Shreeji Inter College, Mathura), Dr.  Rakhi Gupta (Principal, GHS, Nandpura Agra), Dr.  Shalini Aggarwal (KR Girls Inter College, Mayura), Dr.  Ashok Kumar Verma, (Champa Agarwal Inter College, Mayura), Mrs. Vinish Sharma, Mrs. Kavita Saxaina (Government High School, Lohavan, Mathura), Mrs. Bhavana Sharma (Government High School, Mathura), Mr. Gopal Sharma, (Deendayal Government Inter College, Mathura  ), Mrs. Poonam Rani Sharma (Chaudhary Veeri Singh Inter College, Agra), Mr. Pawan Kumar (Jain Inter College, Mainpuri), Mr. Sushil Jain (Government Inter College, Agra), Mr. Prashant Pathak (M.D., Jain, Inter College  , Agra), Mrs. Matthew (St. Patrick’s Junior College, Agra) etc.

The program was conducted by Mrs. Richa Sahay, T&D department and at the end of the ceremony, the vote of thanks was given by Mr. Anurag Vajpayee, head of chemical department. The coordinator of the program was Dr. Vinod Kushwaha, Assistant Professor of the Department of Physics.In the program, the Dean faculty of the College, Dr.Harendra Singh, Dean Student Welfare Dr.Sandeep Aggarwal, Dr.  RK  Tiwari, Dr.  Mamta Sharma, Mr. Manish Gupta, Mr. Puneet Mangla,Dr.  Suruchi, Mr. Shankar Thakar, Mr. Anurag Vajpayee, Mr. Munish Khanna, Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma, Dr.  Sanjeev Kumar, Mr. Sanjay Singh, all the teachers and employees of the institute were present.