Process of Living Happily in Family Relationships

In the 8 days workshop on ” Human Values and Professional Ethics ” at Hindustan College of Science and Technology, the prestigious institution of the Sharda Group of Institutions, A.K T.U. appointed resource person Mr. Umesh Jadhav on the fifth day discussed 9 kinds of expressions in human relations.

In the first session, co-observer of the workshop, Mr. Manoj Kumar Gupta, highlighted the importance in the relations between the expressions like Samman, Sneh, Mamta and Vatsalya and emphasized these
values to be in the humans.

In the second session, resource person Mr. Umesh Jadhav, discussed with every participant about their curiosity discussing about the relation between faith, pride and love in human life and how it can be entrusted to ensure happiness, prosperity in family relations.

The third session was taken up by Mr. Manoj Kumar Gupta who tried the participants to focus on the interpersonal relations. He converged on to the point that if a particular person is feeling low in temperament then the person along with him/her also finds himself / herself with the low mood. He summarized the session with a sentence that a person full of happiness will only spread happiness around himself.

In the last session, he told in further words that there is superiority in the other person and he is living with the right understanding. Developing this type of a feel is only reverence and having this expression is worship. Defining full value, he said that accepting every human being as a relative is only called love.