Our state of art Information and Knowledge Centre has an extensive collection of the latest books, journals, CD ROM’s, & microfilms to support recommended as well as background reading along with a wide range of e-books & e-journals which can be accessed online from anywhere in the campus. The library is open in the evenings & also during weekends.
A unique concept of book banks allows students to get books for the entire semester at a nominal charge. As an aid to Final Year students, reference material of projects done by pass-out students is also catalogued in the library.

Workshops & Laboratories

Our state-of-the-art 90 laboratories and workshops are overseen by assigned members of staff, either an academic or a senior technician. Laboratories provide students access to the tools and resources they need to create and experiment with ideas and innovations for a right blend of theory & practical experience.


The Teaching-Learning pedagogy used in the classrooms is IT enabled with LCD projectors and sound systems. The lecture halls can accommodate 200 students at a time. Tutorial classes are designed for strength of 30-40 students.

IT Facility

The University recognizes the key role that IT plays in teaching as well as research. Therefore, it is committed to provide computing facilities of the highest standards. A high-speed optical fibre network of 1Gbps through two ISPs with wireless redundancy allows all students to access a range of services across our entire campus including student hostels with more than 200 access points.


Anand Engineering college possess 2 state of the art auditoriums to host academic, placement and cultural meets, Seminar Rooms equipped with the latest audio visual facilities for guest lectures, seminars, conferences and presentations etc.

Clubs & Associations

Campus clubs are formed in various areas of interest and help in discussing its ideas with other like-minded students in an atmosphere of learning & camaraderie. If you’re someone who enjoys co-curricular activities and percieves it as means to help you in your future work, you should see such clubs as a wonderful, rewarding opportunity to learn how to do it!